1. I had 5 miles planned for my run last night. I made it through one mile (at an 8:37 pace, my legs are possessed) before I decided to turn around and throw in the towel. My thutt, or thigh-butt for those of you who don’t know, always aches a little after long runs. Since I’m still all jacked up from the marathon, it hurts after/during every run. Yesterday it was stabbing me. So instead of pushing through it and hoping it loosened up, I ran/walked my ass right back to the car.


2. A lot of people get super excited about Thanksgiving. I am not one of those people. I mean I like it and all but it’s just another day to me. Maybe it’s because we don’t have any family around so it’s just my immediate family members…or maybe it’s because my mama throws down every Sunday like its Thanksgiving. We’re going to have enough food to feed a small army. And in case you’re wondering what I’ll be eating, don’t you worry.

gardein stuffed turkyI’ll have this along with all of the sides.

3. Can someone explain what the hell a green bean casserole is? I don’t really understand casserole to begin with but how is a dish that consists of green beans, weird onion things, and mushroom soup good? Someone tell me.

green bean casserole

4. I love cranberry sauce. And I don’t mean the real cranberry sauce. I like it out of the can. With ridges. Yummmm.

canned cranberry sauce

5. I spent about 15 minutes in complete distress last night because of The Sing Off. First of all, who rigged the show to let Urban Method into the live finale? They should have gone home a long time ago! And THEN my beloved Dartmouth Aires almost went home. They’re my favorite! I would have been so pissed!


6. I bought my first race photo ever. It was the cheapest digital picture I could buy so the quality isn’t great but I still like it a lot. I’d buy more pictures if they weren’t so freaking expensive!!


7. I bought the last pair of all pink Saucony Kinvara 2’s from Running Warehouse. They had ONE size 9 left (I have to go a whole size up in running shoes if I want to keep all of my toenails) so I think it was fate. I’m still mad that they discontinued the color but I think these will be a nice replacement.

Saucony Kinvara

yellow kinvara
8. I’m almost done with my Giftmas shopping. I try to finish every year before Thanksgiving because I like to shop for myself on Black Friday.



9. Tonight I went to eat at EAT with Jess and Johanna.


I’ve run past this place a million times and I’ve never been there. After Kat mentioned that it was her favorite restaurant in the beach, I decided to pop in there after the run.

I had the free form veggie lasagna.


Jess had the pasta.


The food was just okay in my opinion. I’m not sure if this is because my stomach hurts after every meal, or because I’m vegetarian and was limited in my choices, or because I’m just a salt-o-holic but I probably wouldn’t go there again. But if you eat seafood or meat, there are plenty of options that looked really great! The service was also very good.

10. I had a semi successful run tonight. I ran 4 miles with Jo at a 9:30 pace. My thutt was bothering me the whole time and I think I need to get a massage. I’ve tried rolling it out with my foam roller and my trigger point ball but I can’t get to exactly where it hurts. Thank goodness for massage schools!

What do you look for in a good restaurant?

Really cranberry sauce or canned cranberry sauce?

Have you ever bought a race photo?

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