I’ve been in the Las Vegas Valley for a little less than three months. Although there are a lot of things that I miss from home (Hampton Roads Runners, my awesome friends, Boxed Wine Book Club, among other things), I’m starting to adjust to living in the desert.

I had planned to blog a lot more…but a few things have changed in the past few weeks.

I started a new job as an event planner! I’m really thankful for the opportunity and so far, I really like what I’m doing. I mean after 3+ years of not working in my field (oh finance, how I loathe thee), I’m relieved and ecstatic to be doing something that I enjoy. I already have a few large events that I’m working on which is exciting and overwhelming all at once. And I have to admit, it’s nice to socialize with people other than the Professor.

Running has been nearly non-existent. It has been brutally hot here. I have a whole new appreciation for Virginia summers! It was 113 degrees here two weeks ago and it’s only going to get hotter. If you’re curious as to what that feels like, put a blowdryer in your face and turn it on high. I have taken advantage of the few days that it’s been cool but I’m terribly out of shape.


The scenery is a little different from Virginia. Just a little.

It was surprisingly nice this weekend (well, it was nice at 7am) so I met Charlene and Angela (happy birthday!) out in Summerlin for a Low Key 6k put on by the Las Vegas Track Club. I placed 4th in my age group. I was pretty pumped to get a ribbon. Can you tell?


I plan to run the OBX Marathon again this year so I need to get my booty in gear. I want to PR and I want to redeem myself after last years gallstone-bad stomach-gel vomiting debacle. As much as I hate the dreadmill, I hate feeling like I’m running through the fiery pits of Hades more so I’ll be running indoors a few days a week. I’ve made a loose “get back in shape” plan that I think I can commit to. No excuses.

I’ve also started going to the local farmers market every week. It’s so much more affordable than buying from the grocery store (around $20 a week) and everything is so delicious. I’m eating much better (or cleaner, whichever term you prefer), mostly because of my weekly adventure to the farmers market. 


So that’s where I am at the moment. Things are looking up.