I’ve been in a major exercise rut. I’m not particularly motivated to run which is probably due to the fact that I’m out of shape and the trail by my house goes uphill for a mile. I guess I could look at it as hill training but right now it makes me feel like I’m going to die.

I’m already getting off topic.

I signed up for the Shamrock Half Marathon. I’m super excited to go home, run on flat ground, and see my running group. I miss them so much. I really got lucky while I was home. So if you’re in VA find HRR!

When I signed up back in December, my goal was to train well enough to PR. Since we’re 4 weeks out (such poor planning on my part), that’s highly unlikely so I’m switching to plan Z which is to just finish the race.

So in an effort to get back into shape, I decided to branch out and try new things like Body Pump and Spinning.

Good lord, spinning. Everyone I know who takes spin LOVES IT. Sings its praises. I figured if all of my friends love spinning then I’d like it too. Right?

Ehhhh I’m not sold.

Yesterday, I left work early to get to the gym, change, and get in line for class. There were some really nice women in line who assured me that the first class was going to suck but I’d still love it and want to come back for more.

When we got in, the girl next to me helped me adjust my bike (there ARE nice people in Vegas!) but then after we adjusted it and I got on to warm up, we figured out that the bike was broken. Lame.

I hopped over to another bike and barely had enough time to adjust anything. It looked like it would work so I got on and started peddling. I was wearing my minimus shoes because I wasn’t sure if my cycling shoes would work with the bike pedals and it felt really weird to not be attached to the bike.

Not even 10 minutes into class, we started a “sprint”. A few seconds into the sprint, my feet flew out of the pedals which made me pop up out of the seat. Thank goodness I had a death grip on the handlebars. I came back down HARD and broke the seat. I BROKE IT. It was gangster leaning to the left and was tilted down in the front. The crazy spinning pedals also scraped my shin. I was a hot bloody bruised mess in a class where the bike doesn’t even move.


And I rode for the rest of the class on that stupid broken seat.

I’m a talented lady.